San Truth Threads



I know I have not put up a post in a very long time, but I am lucky to say I have been working with a brand new start up clothing line the past few months. San Truth Threads is about you as an individual and living a life full filled of happiness. With high quality threads and great graphic designs all made and sewn together here in America the debut line of t-shirts and hoodies show huge signs of what to expect from where this clothing line will grow to be. Check out their website where you will be able to pre-sale the clothing now before it is officially out for purchase. is the link to the website. Confidence is King

Smile Today, You’re Alive

Dirty Karma Being Dirty Karma


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Since my first blog about Dirty Karma Clothing, I have grown to become a bigger fan of theirs from a design aspect and as a way of life. This company embodies outright southern hospitality with an amazing live free life style, which I encourage everyone to live. I have now had the privilege to be one of few to catch a first glimpse at their up and coming promo video. Dirty Karma Clothing’s motto is “A Grass Roots Approach to a Life Enlighten” this new video captures every essence of that motto. They utilize a completely unique and creative approach to this promo video that I have not seen by any other clothing company thus far. I have only seen the rough draft version of the promotion, but I am anticipating that the finished version will not only blow the rough draft out of the water, but put other clothing companies promotional videos to shame. If you have not checked into Dirty Karma yet you need to when they reveal their spring line.

Society Clohting


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They have been only around for just 2 years but this clothing brand is already making moves. If you haven’t heard of Society before you might want to look into them. Their goal is simple stay away from the conforming of generic clothing brands doing all of the same designs over and over again. They are a LA based company with a higher level of design than most graphic t-shirt companies have. I really do enjoy their shirts and the life style they have going on around them. Keep it real, keep it simple but live life. See if there is anything that Society Clothing can do for you I might possibly be buying a shirt from them soon.

Some Great T-shirt Companies


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I know I haven’t posted an article in a while I am sorry for that but I have some great t-shirt companies that you might want to go and check out.

#1 Vespertine Machine
They might not have too many t-shirts to choose from but from what there options they do have the designs are fantastic. Their t-shirts have a great look and are well placed. They have crew necks, v-necks, and tanks, and ladies yes they have t-shirts for you as well. Go check them out

#2 Hyperion Clothing
They actually have an even smaller selection than Vespertine Machine but just like them, Hyperion Clothing has a few really great designs. There is one t-shirt that I really want and like from them called Skully Indian I feel like it is their strongest design but they do have some really solid art work.

#3 February Son
Last out of the three companies, but not to take anything from this clothing line they have the most for their selection and I can say their designs are strong. Yet I must say I am definitely just a tiny bit more of a fan of the other two brands. I can say I do like some of their designs, and not to take anything away from their other art but some of them are just not “my cup of tea”; but to the right person they are very strong designs.

Awesome Way to Create your Own t-shirt


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I don’t know how people come up with some ways to design t-shirts, but the way I just found on stumble upon is probably one of the coolest, cheapest, do it yourself projects for t-shirts I have seen. You will be able to transfer almost any art work you want just by printing it onto a piece of paper from a laser printer, key thing there is laser printer do not use an inkjet printer. I’m attaching the link to the article so you will be able to follow the instructions right from there.



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I just found an article talking about a new clothing-line / stylist system called StyleMint. I am a big fan of low cost awesome t-shirts I do not think I could ever pay more than $30 for an awesome t-shirt, if even that much; but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson have created a new company called StyleMint that helps give you style tips and “hi-end” designer t-shirts for just $29.99. Do you need to pay a fee each month? From what I read in the article, you will not need to pay a dime unless you purchase a t-shirt or more. Also each month you are given a new selection of t-shirts. I may not be a big fan of having someone give me style tips nor want Mary-Kate and Ashley designer t-shirts, but I must say it is an incredibly smart idea that they have come with. If you are interested I have attached the article to this post.